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Maggie's List in the News

Washington Examiner: Political women are on the move

As early as 2008, women's groups were salivating about the prospects of a female presidential candidate in 2016 who could actually win. Regardless of whether 2016 is the year America elects its first female president, it's certainly going to be an election in which women (representing at least 54 percent of the vote) will influence the candidates, and potentially the results, to a greater degree than they ever have before.

In 2013, Emily's List launched its Madam President campaign to put a female Democrat in the White House. Emily's List President Stephanie Schriock said the U.S. needs to "create a nation where women's leadership isn't the exception, it's the rule."

On the Republican side, Maggie's List is a federal political action committee that works to get fiscally conservative women to Congress. Founded in 2010, it provides training and get-out-the-vote programs as well as financial support to female congressional candidates who stand for "less government, more personal responsibility and strong national security."

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